I Dreamt of a European Adventure

I daydream; a lot. I also get fidgety when I feel myself falling into a routine that includes limited creativity and inspiration, leaving me itching for something exciting!

This was just how I felt the day I googled ‘International Art Tours’.

As a teenager I spent time refining my portrait drawing skills until I had it down to a fine art. Since moving into the working world, I sadly stopped finding the time to spend on my art. Even when I decided to do a 4 year university degree in Interior Architecture, I still didn’t delve too far back into my drawing.

So ‘International Art Tours’ I googled. And ‘Cilla Campbell’ is what I found.

I contacted Cilla, an art teacher from Sydney, to discuss her tours and was completely mesmerised by the thought of spending days drawing in small French villages, touring around the historic towns and castles, visiting wineries and truffle farms. So I did it, I booked an international art tour to France!

Do you ever feel like you need more inspiration and creativity in your life? Obviously this was quite a big move, however I’d wanted to book a trip to Europe for some time, so I felt that joining a tour with like minded people was a good move for me.

In further posts I will tell you all about my trip, including expanding it from the 10 day tour in France, to a 4.5 week European adventure!



France poppy
All photos by Carly Smith