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Planning, Planning, Planning!

As New Year’s Eve approached and we were set to enter 2014, I arranged to go to the local country pub with one of my best girlfriends to see the new year in.

That was the night that I first laid eyes on my wonderful boyfriend and the beginning of a whirlwind romance and adventure! It sure was an amazing beginning to 2014, a lot of fun and happiness.

When I told him that I had booked my trip to Paris and Sarlat for a few months time, we dreamed of the fun we’d have if he was to join me. We decided to just go for it! Sure, we’d met not long ago, but we were having such a great time together, why not add in a European adventure!

Seeing as I now had a travel partner to join me for the Paris component, we considered extending the holiday to include another couple of weeks. We’d already talked about how amazing Spain would be; the food! So we added an extra two weeks to our plans. Seven stops at some of our most desired destinations, this holiday had gone from ten days to nearly five weeks!

Research and planning time! My boyfriend set about working out the best ways to travel between our destinations and booked it all online. We also checked out all the things we’d hoped to see and scheduled them roughly into our itinerary. It was really happening!!

It was amazing to think of how my plans had evolved since the day I’d googled ‘International Art Tours’.

Are you currently in the midst of planning something exciting? Please feel free to get in touch!

San Sebastian

San Sebastian


All photos by Carly Smith

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